2014 Reviews

TitleDate PublishedPublisherGenreScore
Say Bye to the Villains07/10/2014AEGCooperative, card game4
Angry Sheep07/02/2014Iron Box GamesPress your luck, dice game1
Timeline06/20/2014AsmodeeTrivia, card game3
Keyflower05/21/2014R&D GamesWorker placement, board game4
Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men05/02/2014WizKids GamesDice-building, dice game4
Loonacy04/30/2014Looney LabsPicture matching, card game4
Legendary: Paint the Town Red03/26/2014Upper Deck EntertainmentDeck-building, card game4
Coconuts03/12/2014Korea BoardgamesDexterity, board game5
Carcassonne: Winter Edition02/10/2014Z-Man GamesTile placement, board game4
Boss Monster01/30/2014Brotherwise GamesDungeon building, card game3
Dead Panic01/08/2014Fireside GamesCooperative, board game4

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