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”Your actions show extreme irresponsibility,” said my boss as she was scolding me. I”ve been in her office for over an hour and we still cannot find a reasonable solution to the problem I had created.

I stayed quiet. I'm at a lost for words. I sit there totally embarrassed.

”I have never been so disappointed. You represent this company. I gave you your position so that you will give it a good image, not ruin it!” my boss said. ”I have to figure out how to fix this. I'll have to call in a board meeting.”

I sank in my seat as I recall the events that led me here.

I always work late. Electricity has been shut down except for my office and one elevator was left open for my use. I was stressing out finishing a report for tomorrow's deadline. My brain was malfunctioning and at 11.30 pm, I finally decided to call it a night and head home. I grabbed the documents and my computer and put it in my duffle bag hoping that I could squeeze in a little bit of work later when my brain is more functional. I head to the elevator, hearing only the sound of my heels echoing in the silence. I pressed the down button and waited impatiently for the elevator to go up to the 43rd floor from the ground floor.

When I finally got in the elevator, I let out a deep sigh and leaned against the transparent glass wall and closed my eyes. I hadn't noticed the elevator had stopped and when I opened my eyes, a tall blonde was standing beside me.

I stood upright and saw that we are on the 18th floor. I realized the he was looking at my chest and I allowed my gaze to drop quickly to my chest and realized that the top 3 buttons of my blouse was undone. I dropped my bag and quickly went to fix the buttons but he suddenly stopped me, putting his hand over mine.

”I kind of like the view,” he said with a grin. ”Why don't you show me more?”

I look at him dumbfounded with my mouth open as I study his handsome features. I”ve never seen him before and I wondered whether he worked here. After what seemed like forever, I stepped away from him and put myself in the corner of the elevator.

He hit the stop button and walked towards me. We were on the 4th level. He started to undo all of my buttons as I stood there motionless. He ran his hands over my breasts, cupping them and giving them a squeeze. ”Nice,” he said. He rubbed my shoulders and then pulled my blouse off my shoulders. Then with his index finger, he pulled my bra straps off my shoulders as well.

I was locked in his gaze. As if he has this hold on me. He reached behind me and unhooked my bra. Finally my 34c breasts were naked in front of him. I was surprised to find my nipples already hard and erect. He smiled with satisfaction as he moved his mouth to my nipple.

I closed my eyes once I felt his warm mouth around my nipple. I felt thankful knowing that the cameras have been turned off. His wet tongue started to taste my flesh and his mouth sucked hungrily.

”Ohhhh!”” I moaned.

He turned me around as he fully let my blouse and bra fall off. He quickly went to undo my skirt and it fell to my ankles. He made me bend over a little as he pushed my upper body towards the glass wall. I'm facing the lobby. My tits pressed against the wall and my nipples felt sensitive at it brushed against the wall. Had it been during working hours, I would be exposed to the people passing by.

From behind, he started rubbing my pussy over my panties. He started to be aggressive and pushed his finger against my panties and inserted it inside me. By now my pussy was already on fire. ”AAHHHHH!!!” My panties were so soaked and he kept sliding in and out as my panties absorbed the wetness inside my cunt. ”Ohhhh!! P-please!” I screamed.

Then with one sudden move, the tore off my panties, leaving me fully naked. I was so taken in with what was happening that I wouldn't have noticed anything if I was in full daylight. I heard him unzipping as I stood there half bent circling my hips in anticipation, wishing he would hurry and fuck me. I was aching to feel something inside me.

Then he inserted the head of his cock slightly in the opening of my pussy. It was so wet that it could have easily got it had he not held back. He teases my pussy while my clit was throbbing. I wanted to push myself back against him but he had his hand on my waist, preventing me from doing so. ”Ahhh, please, fuck me,” I said.

By this time, his friend was in the lobby with a tripod and /camera/video-camera/">video camera mounted on it. I was completely unaware of his friend videotaping me in that state. I was fully naked and exposed. With a long lens, he was zooming in to catch the sight of the opening of my cunt while his cock was teasing it.

He then slipped his cock fully inside me making me moan in pleasure. ”AAAhhhh!!!” I can feel that he was rock hard. He started pumping into me slowly. I was moaning nonstop. My mouth open, my eyes were closed as I felt him so firm inside of me.

”Ohhh! Please, fuck me. /fucking/good-fuck/fuck-me-good/">fuck me good!” I begged him.

His hands were on my ass. He slaps it once, then twice and then thrice. I was loving every moment of it still not knowing that the whole thing was being recorded. He went faster. His balls slapping against me. He grinded himself against me before lying on the floor and making me sit on top of him. I rode him like /crazy/">crazy. Bouncing up and down on him. He squeezes my tits and pinches my nipples occasionally. My moans are echoing in the elevator. His cock was driving me crazy. I didn't know what to do with myself. ”Aaahhh! Ahhh!! Ohhh! Oooohh!!! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I screamed over and over again.

I would run my hands on my tits and then run them over my stomach. Sometimes I would touch my tingling clit as I slowed down. Because of my busy work, I rarely have time to date and I haven't had a cock in over a year so I savored every moment of it.

I had already reached my /climax/">climax two or three times when he held me down with force as I pull my whole weight onto him. With a moan, he released his load into me. There was so much of it that it was sliding out of me and he was still shooting. He squeezed my tits with force as his cock twitches and he shoots the last of his load.

I collapse on top of him with his cock still inside me. He rubbed his hand on my back. We were both catching our breaths. As his hand reached my ass cheeks, he gave me a squeeze before spreading them with both his hands and he started fingering my /asshole/">asshole.

I was surprised as no one had ever done hat to me. He took some of our juices and wiped it on my asshole as he struggles to slide his middle finger in. ”OOhhhh god! What are you doing?” I said in panic but he ignored me and kept on playing with my asshole.

I struggled to get up but he held the back of my head with a handful of my hair as he pushed me towards him. He kissed my lips roughly and I felt him starting to get hard inside my cunt again. He made me get up. Once I was standing, I felt our juices oozing out in a gush out of my still gaping cunt hole dripping down on my legs.

He made me bend over again as he squeezes his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick in between my ass cheeks. ”Ohhh no, please,” I said.

He ran his hand over the juices dripping out of me and on my legs and then wiped it on my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. He struggled to slide half of his cock inside. I screamed from the pain. He groaned from its tightness. He pumped into me in and out and it didn't take a long time for him to explode another load. He shot all over my back and before I could recover, the elevator was moving and he was out the door.

I gathered myself and got dressed. I stuffed my torn free porn movies download panties into my bag and grabbed some tissue napkins to wide off the cum. I felt embarrassed from what I did but I went home, showered and tried to work to get my mind off him. I finally finished the report.

Pretending nothing had happened, I went to work the next day comforting myself that I will not run into that guy because I had never seen him in my 4 years in this company. My boss was unavailable for the next few hours so I had time to catch on to my other work. I was still trying to get my mind off what happened the night before.

A week had passed and I was eventually forgetting about that adventurous night that I had when I received a cd sent to my office. It didn't say anything and so I played it on my computer.

It was me. A video camera was zoomed in on my face, my tits, particularly lingering on my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples pressed against the wall. Flashes of memories went past me all at once and I was overwhelmed. I felt light headed like I was about to faint. Then my pussy came flashing at the screen. The stranger's cock teasing it while my face looked impatient, wanting to be fucked and screwed right away. I felt embarrassed at what I am seeing. The camera angle was from down below and I didn't know what to think then, where the video had come from. There was only the two of us.

Before I full hd xvideo download could put the pieces together, another video angle came into view. I can hear my own voice. ”Fuck me! Make me your slut!” I was screaming wildly. I realized that this angle came from the camera in the elevator. I panic instantly and tried to think who could have been still in the building at that hour. The video went on as my mind swirls. My moans still in the background. I was begging for cock. I cannot believe myself as the video now shows the stranger cumming inside me. Then there was a zoomed in of my gaping /cunt/cunt-hole/">cunt hole. I gritted my teeth.

I thought of destroying the cd when my boss came in and saw what was on my computer screen. She called me into her office. I felt my knees weak as I struggle to make myself get up.

Now, I'm sitting in her office discussing the mess I”ve made with my wild night at the elevator. She said that none of our personnel knew about this. It must”ve been an outsider. But since the /blonde/blonde-guy/">blonde guy was busy fucking me, there must”ve been another who taped it. My boss fears that the tape might have been sent to other people, like our competitors.

I sank lower in my seat.

”I'm calling in a board meeting Ella,” she said.

”P-please don't,” I said knowing that she would have to tell them what happened.

”I have to. I'm sorry. Even if I fire you, we still have to deal with the damage.”

The next day, some rumors started to get around and I was avoiding people. The board members arrived and I hide in my office as I imagine my boss showing them glimpse of the videotape. I was about to lose my mind at the thought of the board members seeing me fucking.


Ella's boss gathered the board members. The members were getting antsy.

”What is this about?” demanded one elder.

”Um, one of my personnel has gotten involved in some, well, some issues involving the image of our company,” she explained. ”I, um,---well, I think I better show you,” as she hit the play button and the video of Ella's naked body flashed to the big screen of the meeting room.

The board members shocked. Most of them were men and they instantly had a hard on upon seeing a beautiful naked body while the /women/">women were unable to believe their eyes.

”Is this a joke?” demanded one elderly female.

”No! no!” said Ella's boss hurriedly. ”This, um, is the personnel I”ve been telling you about. She, um, well, she was involved with that stranger and this tape was sent to her. We don't know what their motives are,” she continued while Ella's moaning and screaming can be heard in the background.

She stopped the playback and the image froze on a zoom in of Ella's nipple. The men were disappointed but said nothing.

”I, well I don't know how to fix this. I don't know who that guy is and I don't know how to find him to cover this up.”

”I want her fired,” said one female member.

”We still have to deal with the situation,” said Ella's boss.

”So deal with it after she's been fired,” replied the member.

Most of the male members did not want Ella fired so they voted on it. It was eventually decided that she will be moved to another department and that they would do whatever they wanted to contain the incident.

Ella was transferred to be a secretary of one of the board members. She was practically demoted but she accepted the position nevertheless. She was moved to another building and did not have her own office but only a small desk outside her new boss” /office/big-office/">big office.


My old boss had assured her that she had only told the members of the incident and did not show the video. She had returned the video to me which I had destroyed. I'm trying to put the incident behind me as I start my new job as a secretary. Mr. Roland is 56 years old.

”Prepare my coffee Ella,” said Mr. Roland, her new boss.

I made the coffee and served it to Mr. Roland. It was a boring day.

”Ella, you need to alter your attire. Find something more suitable to wear,” said Mr. Roland.

I looked at my attire, which was always a professional looking blouse and a suit skirt of a respectable length. ”Do you want me to be more formal?” I asked confusedly.

”Well you”re a secretary now. Not some high positioned employee. You need to be more pleasing to the eye,” said Mr. Roland coyly. ”Perhaps something a little more short?” as he points to my skirt.

”Oh!” I said. ”I'll see what I can do.”

The next day I came to work wearing a shorter skirt and I found a more casual blouse. Work was boring until Mr. Roland decided to buy me some clothing about two months after I started working for him. He told me to wear it to work tomorrow and that if I didn't, he's inclined to fire me.

I wore the low cut blouse and the mini skirt he gave me hesitantly. He looked pleased. After a few more days, he bought me more clothes. He called me into his office one day.

I went in to my office and I cannot believe my eyes when I saw myself on the big screen in his office. It was that videotape of me getting fucked by that stranger. I saw Mr. Roland sitting on his chair with his pants down to his ankle and his cock upright. He was stroking himself.

I froze and decided to leave when he stopped me. ”I”ve been watching this video for months. You are a very lovely girl,” he said as he intentionally pause the video making the image of my gaping pussy freeze. ”I want to stretch your pussy that way. You see, I'm the lucky one. The other wanted you to be their secretary but I guess they have to be satisfied by just the video while I can get a chance to have you.”

I stood nervously.

He played the video again as my moans resumed. ”Come here Ella. Come, do as you”re told if you want to keep your job.”

Mr. Roland made me take off my top and suck his cock until he cummed all over my face. He instructed me the kind of clothes I should be wearing to work the next day.

I came in the next day wearing a short suit dress with nothing underneath me. He called me into his office first thing in the morning and asked me to sit on his lap while he slid his hand under my dress and played with my pussy to his content. He made me sat on his desk in front of his as he lifted my dress to my waist and spread my legs wide. He ate my pussy up. Making me so wet and yet he did not fuck me. He just asked me to suck him off again.

The day after that, I came to work wearing an olive green blouse and a black short skirt with no panties. Mr. Roland had forbidden me to ever wear panties but he allows me to occasionally wear a bra.

I gave him his morning coffee and he asked me to sit on a couch in his office and play with myself while he gets on with his work. He was also playing the video. He told me to unbutton my blouse as he wanted to see my tits. I masturbated in front of him until I cummed. He smiled and asked me to take all of my clothes off. I sit on his couch fully naked while the video replayed over and over again. He liked to looking at my naked body from time to time. When he finished his work, he came to me. For the /first-time/">first time, he fucked me and it drove him crazy. He fucked me over and over again until noon. He did not take any calls or talked to any clients. My pussy was sore that day.

Mr. Roland would fuck me whenever he felt like it but he still wants me to dress sexy and see my naked body everyday. He always buys me clothes. He usually fucks me on Mondays because he said he missed me over the weekend.

Eventually I did not have any work related jobs to do as he gave most of it to his real secretary and I eventually accepted that I”ve been demoted to be his fuck slut. He pays me so that he can screw me.