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Bella was lying on her back on the sun chair by the pool, drenched in sun, with pearls of droplets from a quick dip covering her voluptuous, tanned body. She was resting up after a long night of partying last night - she had just turned 21. The outfit she was wearing was less of a bikini than a thin layer of extra skin, barely covering her most private areas. The top's tiny triangular pieces of translucent pink fabric had her full, natural C-cup breasts almost spilling out. Her neck was long and slender, slightly tilted to the left, leading down to her shapely shoulders which were draped in thick, dark brown Ava Gardner-like hair. Bella's waist was thin and her stomach flat, but her hips round and womanly. On these hips, a thread of translucent pink string rested - you could actually see the narrowly shaved triangle of dark hair under the tiny bikini bottoms. Her pouty lips were severed, her breathing soft. She was sleeping, unaware of the fact that she was being watched. 

Behind a pillar by the house, a beautiful, petite 20-year old /blonde/">blonde had appeared. Mia was a neighbor who worked as a /nude/nude-model/">nude model from time to time, just to make it through /college/">college. Mia had never had any bisexual experiences, but she had lately been forced to admit she found herself attracted to /women/">women quite often. Most of all to Bella. To Mia, Bella was the perfect woman, and she would fantasize about her /brunette/">brunette neighbor after slipping between her sheets at night, pleasuring herself while imagining that Bella performed a slow striptease in front of her, and then took off Mia's clothes to finally seduce her. 

Mia was wearing a turquoise, strapless bikini with a peek-a-boo hole between her smaller but firm tits, revealing their perky shape. From watching Bella on the sun chair, Mia's little nipples had stiffened during her little voyeurism, and they poked against the fabric in excitement. Suddenly, Bella moved in her sleep. Her long, well-shaped thighs rubbed slightly against each other to then part, leaving Bella in a very vulnerable-looking position. As she moved to her right side, the bikini top didn't quite follow the movement of her breasts, leaving her left nipple almost fully uncovered. Mia gasped for breath at the sight of the puffy, pink, warm nipple. Her big brown eyes opened and she felt this acute tingle in the pit of her stomach leading down to the centre of her bikini bottoms. She couldn't stand it. Bella was so incredibly beautiful and sexy, Mia had to touch her. Maybe she wouldn't get a better opportunity than this? Bella seemed fast asleep, so would it really be such a huge risk to take?

Mia made her decision. She pulled her blonde long hair back, moistened her lips and started tip-toeing towards the sleeping beauty. When she was side by side with Bella, she kneeled down next to her on a thick pillow that was lying next to the sun chair. Bella's skin glistened in the sun. Her soft breathing turned Mia on so much, and the sight of Bella's body up-and-close made Mia tremble of sexual excitement. Mia hesitated for a moment and then lifted her hand, moving it closer and closer to Bella's unprotected pink nipple. The touch was gentle, almost not even a touch, but Bella's nipple was soft as velvet and it reacted immediately, getting stiffer like a /sweet/">sweet raspberry. Mia was in trance; she started fondling Bella's naked nipple in slow movements, then she opened her palm and started fondling the entire, full breast. As she watched Bella's body slightly starting to move, Bella moaned slightly. Mia changed her position without seizing to caress Bella's breast - now she could watch Bella's thighs and get a full view of her crotch through the wafer-thin pink fabric. Mia's heart started racing as she noticed a darker wet area spread over Bella's crotch. Mia could hardly breathe at the sight of Bella's juice coming from her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy. She milf porn videos had to feel it, taste it. 

Bella moved again, but didn't wake up. When she moved this time, she ended up flat on her back and her thighs were more spread. Mia took the opportunity to place her free hand right above Bella's bikini bottoms. She carefully caressed the lower part of Bella's while gently squeezing the breast, then going back to softly playing with the nipple using her fingertips like a feather. Bella moaned again, this time a little louder. Mia's heart was racing and pounding like never before. She started losing control now. Her own bikini bottoms were getting wetter and wetter, and she started rubbing her throbbing crotch gently against the pillow she was sitting on while she began to move her left hand toward Bella's crotch. She needed to feel Bella's moist pussy, not just through those tiny pink panties! 

So Mia let go of Bella's left breast, continued fondling her crotch on top of the fabric, feeling the wetness on her fingertips. Then she released Bella's right breast from its prison and watched in awe as both full round breasts spilled out in the sun. Mia was grinding the pillow a little faster, not even aware of it. She watched Bella's tits resting in the sun with both nipples so hard, pointing toward the sky. She lifted Bella's pink panties a little, slipping a finger underneath the fabric. When her fingertip made contact with Bella's moist pussy, she found the wet, hot, stiffened clit instantly. Mia began rubbing it, very soft, slow and carefully. Bella moaned for every little movement and her pussy trembled. Mia moved closer and inhaled the sweet scents coming from between Bella's thighs. Luckily, the bikini bottoms had tie-strings over the hips, so Mia could untie them and reveal Bella's pussy completely without having to pull the over her hips. When Mia realized this, her heart almost stopped beating. 

With shivers of excitement running down her back, hips and between her thighs, Mia untied the knots on Bella's round hips with one hand, and continued to rub her clit with slow, gently movements. The sight of Bella's pussy was unbelievable. Mia had never seen another woman's pussy like this before. It got her so excited, a rush of pussy juice drenched her own bikini bottoms in an instant and she got on her knees between Bella's thighs in one movement. Mia threw a glance at Bella's /tits/perfect-tits/">perfect tits as they slowly moved above her, she slid her left hand inside her bottoms and began to rub her own throbbing cunt at the same time as she never stopped caressing Bella's. 

Bella's pussy was pink, puffy from excitement and it glistened of moist. The pussy hair was neatly shaved in a perfect, thin triangle showing most of the inner and outer pussy lips, now drenched in juices. Bella's clit was visible and erect as her legs were so spread at this point, and Mia could see the juices slowly trickling out of her tight little /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole. Even if Bella woke up now, she would be so excited she probably wouldn't reject Mia. Or at least Mia hoped she wouldn't. So the blonde leaned in and started covering Bella's pussy-lips in soft kisses as she continued caressing her clit ever so slowly. Mia was so close to coming but she didn't allow herself, wanting to tease herself in the same pace as she was teasing Bella's cunt. As she slid her tongue out and gently tasted Bella's wetness, right around her pussy hole, an electric charge was sent through both of the girl's bodies at the same time. Mia had never tasted anything that amazing and she greedily began to lick Bella's pussylips. Bella's moan was in tune with Mia's breathing, and it started getting heavier and faster. 

Mia quickly pulled her left hand out of her own bikini bottoms and reached up, squeezing Bella's left nipple again. Then she lifted her right index finger from Bella's swollen clit and placed her tongue there instead, licking it like it was a precious berry that would break if she touched it harder. This made Bella's body tremble and when Mia slowly began to inch a finger into Bella's pussy at the same time as she was teasing the brunette's clit with her tongue, Bella gasped for breath loudly. Mia looked up and straight into Bella's surprised hazel eyes. With one finger inside Bella's pussy, one hand on her tit and her tongue playing with a severely swollen clit, Mia didn't stop even though she had been caught red-handed. The look in Bella's eyes was first one of utter confusion, but then she moaned loudly from the pleasure of what was happening and the look in her eyes changed into excitement. 

Bella's lips opened but before she could say anything, Mia slowly started moving the finger in Bella's pussy in and out, gently fucking her. She kept licking Bella's clit back and forth in a steady pace and ever so gently, just the way she liked it herself, as she never let go of Bella's gaze. This made Bella extremely horny and she couldn't think anything other than how amazing it felt, waking up from a wet dream to discover she lying there by the pool with her tits out, legs spread wide-open, her pussy completely revealed, being finger-fucked and having her clit so masterfully licked by a pretty blonde that seemed to have done nothing else in her life! Bella started pinching her own nipples and her hips started moving, responding to Mia's finger inside her. The /brunette/sexy-brunette/">sexy brunette's eyes were clouded by a haze, so horny, as she whispered, "Please don't stop..." Mia had no intention of stopping. Bella's words made her even hotter and she slid a second finger inside Bella, finger-fucking her just a little bit more firmly. 

"Aaahh..." Bella moaned as she caressed her own tits more firmly, "that feels so good... your fingers in my pussy and your tongue right on my clit. I love how you do that, you're teasing me so good!" 

In response, Mia put a little more pressure than before on Bella's clit, but she was still blowjob porn videos treating it gently and licking it gently up and down. Then she moved her tongue a tiny circles around Bella's clit as she started finger-fucking her a little bit faster.

"Ooohh, sweetie, that's... that's.. So good!" Bella gasped. 

Mia kept going just until she felt Bella's clit starting to shake, and then she stopped - having driven Bella to the rim of orgasm but not allowing her to come. Mia's fingers rested deep inside Bella's now soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, and her breath caressed Bella's clit ever so gently as Mia's eyes met Bella's.

"You taste and feel amazing," Mia whispered. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to make me come," Bella replied, "but I want to see you naked, and I want to feel your pussy too."

Mia obeyed. She carefully pulled her fingers out of Bella's pussy as a heavy moan escaped from the brunette's lips. Mia stood up to her full length of 5'2. Bella was 5'6". Bella's thighs were wide open and as Mia took her bikini top off, Bella caressed her breasts, watching the sexy little blonde closely. Mia's tits were smaller than hers, but incredible. They were so perky and still round, with small erect nipples, a little lighter than her own. Mia's body was slender and she had slim hips. Her legs were proportionally tall and perfectly shaped, and when she slid out of her bikini bottoms, Bella saw that her pussy was completely shaved.

"Oh God.." Bella sighed as she began to finger herself. "You're so pretty. Will you turn around for me?" 

Mia's heart was pounding. She was so turned on, she didn't quite know what she was doing, but she just did it - she turned around and waited to fulfil Bella's next wish.

"You have a perfect little ass," Bella decided. "Bend over and touch the ground with your hands so I can see what you look like..."

Mia who had been a gymnast when she was younger had no trouble bending over to touch the ground with her feet together. She realized this revealed her entire pussy from behind, and she knew she was wet, thinking Bella had to see it.

"Come here," Bella whispered.

Mia stood up and turned around. Bella had pealed off what was left of her bikini, and she was now half-sitting up, her legs completely open, and her perfect tits in full sight. Mia sat down next to her, leaned in and kissed Bella on the lips as she started fondling her breasts. They felt amazing! And the kiss was gentle at first, then with tongue, getting deeper and deeper and causing both girls to breathe more heavily. When Mia suddenly felt Bella's hand between her thighs, she started shaking, she was so hot and so wet she couldn't stand it any longer! She felt Bella's fingers slid in between her pussy-lips, she felt one finger on her clit and another inside her and oh God, it was the most amazing feeling ever, to be completely naked, having her cunt rubbed and finger-fucked by the sexiest brunette with the most amazing tits ever, feeling those tits under her hands, feeling Bella's tongue in her mouth! 

"Touch me, rub my clit again like you did before.." Bella moaned between breaths and the deep kisses. Mia didn't hesitate, she let go of one of Bella's breasts, her hand found that warm, wet pussy again and the stiff clit - it was incredible to have her own clit and pussy stimulated at the same time as she was finger-fucking Bella's cunt. 
Both girl's breathing got faster and heavier, Bella's free hand was squeezing Mia's ass, teasing her butt hole, which made Mia weak and so turned on she felt drunk. Mia's fingers were covered in Bella's pussy-juice and as she rubbed Bella's swollen clit faster, pushing a finger into Bella's pussy at the same time, she felt how Bella began to finger-fuck her faster too, rubbing her clit with the thumb and inserting two fingers into her small, wet pussy. Then, with her other hand, Bella inserted a finger halfway into Mia's tight butt hole as she whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck you in both holes at the same time sweetie, because you are the tightest and horniest little blonde I've ever met!"

At these words, and feeling Bella's fingers inside her from front and behind, Mia's body shook and trembled heavily in as she came so hard she screamed, her pussy exploding in juices, "Oooohhhhh-aaahhhh, I'm coming, I'm coming!!" Mia felt Bella's clit shaking under her finger and she pushed two fingers into her pussy hard, her own moans accompanied by Bella's orgasm, just as hard an uncontrolled. "Aaaaahhh, yes! Yes!! Oh GOD!!" Bella screamed as she came, and Mia came instantly again, her pussy shaking, the girl's fingers buried in each other's lovely hot pussies, hands squeezing /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass-cheeks, heavy breathing and loud moaning, sudden higher-pitched, uncontrolled sounds of pleasure, tongues pushing between each other's lips, arched backs and bouncing naked tits, pussy-juices flowing wetting the sun chair as Bella and Mia came hard again, and again. 

When Mia and Bella both had come three times in a row, they finally fell into a pile of naked limbs on the sun chair, Mia's mouth an inch from Bella's perfect, swollen nipple. Their breathing was still fast and they lay like this for several minutes without saying a word until their breathing had slowed down.

Bella gently caressed Mia's tits with circular movements as Mia kissed Bella's beautiful nipples. "I can't believe how good that was.." Mia sighed. "Me neither," Bella replied. "I don't think I've ever been that turned on before in my life..." 

She softly squeezed the petite blonde's thighs. "I've seen you but I don't even know your name?" Mia looked into Bella's hazel eyes. "It's Mia," she said. "And you're Bella." Bella smiled.
"Are you tired, Mia?" Bella got this mischievous look in her eyes.
"Not really," Mia responded, "Why?"

Bella sat up and threw her hair back like Rita Hayworth in Gilda. "Because you might want to come up to my place, we could take a shower... and then take a nap in my bed?" Mia's face cracked up in a smile. "Oh, I would love to do that...", she said.

Hand in hand, the girls walked from the pool to Bella's apartment, with their bikinis, pink and turquoise, all tangled-up on the moist, warm sun chair.