I submit

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I submit

Please feel free to send me a comment on the story. For those of you who have emailed me thanks for sharing your kind words. I have enjoyed reading the emails about the stories and ideas on what should happen with some of the characters. Thanks for the kind emails. It?s nice to know that people enjoy reading them. Since they take a long time to write.


I had a long stressful day at work. My boss, Mike is a man that has captured my attention. I feel weak around him and have trouble speaking. There is a strong sexual tension between us. For weeks we have been teasing each other. Little touches here, smiles there, and today things escalated. 

Today I hope my husband Glen was not at home yet. I wanted some time to freshen up before talking to Glen. Mike gave me a special gift yesterday, and a naughty gift today. I was still wearing his gifts. Slowly I walked into the house, I see Glen watching TV.

Walking into the house, I check my skirt. I want to make sure I look normal. Im not sure how Glen will react. Im not sure how I even feel about today?s events yet. I straighten my short skirt then feel my behind. Checking to make sure it does not show. Knowing Glen, he?s probably watching television. So, I can walk in, say hello and then dart to the bathroom. There I can remove my /surprise/">surprise.

?What?s wrong?? Glen asks.

?Nothing. Why?? I reply.

?Youre all flush.?

?It was a busy day.? I try to retreat into our bedroom and then into the bathroom. 

?No, there is something different.? Glen follows me.

?I?m really fine.? Glen hugs me, his wife of three years. His hand move down and feels my /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. First he does not find any panties. 

?I don?t feel any panty lines.?

?Yea, I dressed a little differently.?

?Oh, show me.? Glen pushes me forward.

?No.? I object.

?Show me.? It?s direct for Glen. Glen is a /boy/nice-boy/">nice boy, just not a man. I don?t feel the power in his voice, like I feel for a different man. 

Soon I give in, feeling my husband finally acting like a man. Glen is my husband and I am happy and in love with him. Glen has taken great care of me. He attends to all of my needs. Every now and then I wish he would take me and use me. To be a man and have his way with me

?Fine, don?t get upset with me.? 

?Look at me.? I turn to look at Glen. Like most men, he grips his hard on thinking it will turn me on.

?Ok, promise you wont get mad or upset.? I plea.

?I promise.?

I lean forward against the sink and start to slowly lift up my skirt. I know how Glen has a /fetish/">fetish for black hose. The pantyhose are a combination hose and garter belt as the crotch is absent allowing the woman to wear what ever she wants (panties or bare). 

My ass becomes exposed to him. I worry about how Glen will react knowing that I did not have panties on. That I was at work with out panties. How much should I show him? How much should I tell him?

?Where did you get the hose??

I ignore the question, as it will all become apparent soon enough. Slowly I look up in the mirror to watch Glen?s reaction. I look at Glen, but not in his eyes. He?s smiling enjoying her strip tease. Then he sees it, the plug that Mike gave me today. 

?Holly shit, what is that??

I turn back around to face my husband. ?It?s a plug.?

?Is that why you were late today? Where did you get that??

?Mike gave it to me.?

I can see from the expression on Glen?s face that his stomach dropped, he never thought I would or could do something like this. ?What did Mike do to you??

How do I tell him, he didn?t do anything that I didn?t want him to? ?I don?t think you understand. He didn?t do that to me, I did it.?


?He didn?t put the plug in me, I did.? I look into my husband?s eyes, my soft hand touches his chin.

?Why?? Glen wonders.

?For the past two years once a week you like to talk kinky in bed. You want me to tell you about taking a lover. You?ve wanted to hear my fantasies and you cum so hard and fast when we talk kinky. I felt it would be ok for me to explore a little and I felt very comfortable. So when he told me to, I just submitted indian santali xvideo myself to him.?

?You are right, I do love it when you tell me your fantasies. I love having men look at you. How did this happen? When did it start??

?Well, yesterday he gave me a gift. In the box there was this skirt, blouse, and stuff.?


?The hose like you see have the crotch cut out; you know that you always wanted me to wear hose like this. So I did.?


Feeling more comfortable with Glen not being upset I turn around again and leans against the sink. I lift up my skirt, showing my bare pussy and slowly turn around. Showing off the anal plug. ?Look these are the ones you always want me to wear.? 

?And you wore them for him? Why??

?Because he gave them to me, and told me to wear them.?


?He?s a man and he told me. I can?t say no to him.?

?And did he put the butt plug in you??

?No I did.?


?Because he told me to.?

?Do you do everything he tells you to??

?I just can?t say no. You will never understand. I?ve told you how I need a man. Well, he is a man!?

?Do you love him??

?No, don?t be silly.?

?Do you love me??

?Yes, very much so. And I love you more for allowing me to enjoy this. This is not about love; it?s not about you. I need to do something for me.?

?What if I want you to stop??

?I can?t and you will not want me to.?

?What about us??

?There will be no major alain lyle porn changes. We will have our time together. But, every now and then I need him to take control of me.?

?I have to know, what happened??

?Like I said, yesterday he gave me a gift. Told me to open the gift while driving home. There was a card telling me what to do. I was so excited to receive expensive clothes, and some very private clothes. Don?t be upset.?

?I?ll try not to be.?

?Good, then undress for me.?


?Just do it.?

?Ok.? Glen starts to undress. His cock is hard and pointing out.

I grab some oil and toss the oil at Glen. ?If you are not upset you will masturbate for me.?

?Will you tell me what happened??

?Yes I will.?

Glen puts some oil on his hand and then starts to rub his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.

?Today, when I got to work, he ignored me all morning. This drove me nuts. After all I was wearing the clothes he got for me. Finally after lunch I barged into his office. He was sitting at his big desk. I walk up to him. He pushed me on the desk. His hands felt so good grabbing me. I felt so helpless but so safe when he held me.?

?My skirt rode up, exposing a lot of my thigh to him. He finally acknowledged that I was in this office. He then told me to lift up my skirt. I did. Slowly I raised my skirt until I could see my pussy. I knew he could see it to. I was so embarrassed and so aroused. I could feel myself, as I was so wet. I prayed that he didn?t notice. That he couldn?t smell my scent.?