College Life

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
College Life

Mark and I both lived in a dorm at college; I had fantasies of seeing mark in the shower. Today was my lucky day, as I walked into the bathroom I saw steam in white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie the shower and Marks dripping wet body turned me into a rampant sex machine with a rock hard boner. I walked over and picked up his CKs and held them to my nose, the smell was divine. Suddenly he open the door and caught me sniffing his pants, he was turned on by this and stood over me and offered me his cock which I took quite eagerly in my mouth, he forced it in and made me gag, nine inches of man-meat down my throat, he pulled and pushed my head harder and harder, it got better and was lovin it. His hand slid down my back and between my butt cheeks, his pre-lubed fingers slid into my hole, first it was two. then three until his whole hand slipped up it. I did not think my arse would take it at first, he then closed his hand into a fist up me, my prostate was pounding I thought it was going to explode. With every pound of his fist it reached my rectum then my colon, his arm was in up to his elbow, I was screaming and I pissed and pissed all over the bathroom. He then slowly slipped his hand out of me after making me piss fifteen times.

He asked me if I wanted to take a shower with him, obviously I agreed, as he turns on the shower our bodies get wetter, I go to grab the soap and he stops me and says" let me do that", he rubs his soapy hands all over my body, slowly moving down to my rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, Mark gripped my cock and started to yank, his hand went back and forth, the hot steam and excitement of being wanked was so unreal. Mark then leaned forward onto the wall and guided my dick to his /hole/cum-hole/">cum hole, he stated ?stick it in hard and fast?. So with no further ado I thrusted into him and he gave moan of great delight, as I speeded up the moans got louder and louder, I was in and out of him like a piston a steam train. We both let our loads the same time, me all inside his arse and him all over the wall in the shower.

We kissed and got dressed, sat down and both had a fag, we were both glowing, He said we are going to Eddie?s tonight for a /party/">party (a student I also fancied), cool I?ll be there.

I was walking around the college and wanted the toilet, I go in the cubicle and there was a knock at the door I opened it and to my /surprise/">surprise was Eddie with his cock out, I let him in and started sucking on his tool, he reached into his pocket and had taken out some poppers, as I was pissing he took his cock outta my mouth and offered me the poppers after taking some himself, we were both buzzing. Eddie then slipped his finger into his mouth to lube it from thee it went into my ever ready hole, I moaned in anticipation as I could feel the end of his knob against my arse cheeks. He then slowly eased it into my love tunnel, he began speeding up, he was fucking deep and hard over the toilet. The poppers were really taking effect and my head started to pound we both again came the same time and all I felt was /hot/red-hot/">red hot spunk in the place my shit come from. When he pulled out my arse stretched to let out the hot jism. Eddie tongued my hole and licked all the spunk and took it down his throat, we then washed and again the party at his place 7oclock sharp.

I headed back to my dorm, by now my arse was aching in a very enjoyable way, Mark was out so I decided to eat and go to bed for a few hours, it was 3oclock at this time.

6.30 I woke up, went into the bathroom to freshen up and put on my best Armani boxers due to me guessing what all male parties involve, then I headed for Eddie?s. Present at Eddie?s was Mark, Phil, Eddie and me of coarse, we all sat down, lit up cigs and opened beer. We chatted about courses which lasted for about half an hour then the poppers and weed came out. I was sat next Mark who sneakily placed his hand into my jeans, I felt a twitch in my groin. I then relaxed on the chair as his hand went into my Armani?s and I felt his fingers on my cock at that point the poppers reached me, I took a huge sniff of the stuff and sent my head spinning.

When the other guys noticed this they came to join in, Mark had his tongue in my mouth and his hand round my dick, he was in a tilted position so Eddie came and started to rim mark, his tongue flicking between his butt cheeks at this time I also had Phil?s cock in my mouth, it was absolutely fantastic, an all /orgy/male-orgy/">male orgy was about to start.

Eddie removed his tongue and started to finger Mark until his fist was in his love passage. Mark moved down my body and took my cock into his mouth in which at this time I raised my legs still with mark sucking away, Phil came upon me and penetrated me deeply. Mark and I were screaming with great pleasure, Mark was still being fisted by Eddie, Eddie in meantime was still fisting Mark but decided to lean over and stick his dick up Phil, we were all sandwiched together, all pumping simultaneously, I was in heaven.

Eddie removed his arm from Marks anus and Mark got up and went over to his /gym/">gym bag. He pulled out the biggest dildo I?d ever seen, he stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv called it Dick Rambone, it was 18 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter, the others had said due to us seeing and using this before and you are the newcomer you try it out. All action stopped at this point and I was laid on my back with my legs in the air quivering in delight as this monster came towards me. Phil took off mark and lubed it up good and proper. He said just relax as I looked and saw the sheer size of it, I then felt the head starting to penetrate, I virtually cum at that moment so he froze for a minute, I then said ? carry on now, he continued to push this huge monster into me until came against resistance, Phil moved it around a little to free it and I was panting getting an idea of what childbirth was like for a woman. 

As he kept pushing the got /bad/">bad until the balls of the dildo reached home all 18 inches up me, I could feel my ribcage move, as the dildo was all in me the pain worn off and he went hell for leather with it , I had a nother sniff of poppers with the lads as I think we were all about to cum, they did all over me three men letting go all at once, I held back for a bit as he was ramming home with the dildo I felt a huge and intense rush to my head suddenly I expoled /semen/">semen all over the place and I was shouting like never before when that thing came all the way down my love canal not only did I cum I pissed and pissed and pissed that was the best experience I have ever had.