Wife cheats outdoors

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Wife cheats outdoors

My wife and I were spending a long weekend camping with a few hundred other people at a campsite used for outdoor pursuits .

There was a challenge run over the week end for each area taking part and our area consisted of about thirty people. On the Saturday evening my wife suggested she could get one of the items required from a hotel which was about 15 minutes walk away and then said to me Chris a young man in early twenties would go with her. Knowing my wife I xxx sex video download free com was sure she had something in mind.

We had all gathered around a fire and various people went off to bed nobody commented that Chris and my wife had not returned which was no /surprise/">surprise to me as I knew she fancied him. I put the fire out and went to my tent. After a while i heard the zip go and my wife come inside. I said to her had she got the item and she said yes. I then said what else did you get and she said in her cheeky way I got the cucumber. What you need to know was the item we wanted was a cucumber.

She then said she had walked back across the golf course part of hotel and had stopped with Chris to look at the moon. He had been cheeky and said had she ever had one as big as a cucumber She did not need such a suggestion she said they sat on a grass bank and she told him how she liked it outdoors with which his hand went up her skirt making her wet and his finger went to work. She opened his zip to release a very large /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock even bigger than mine. It was a very warm evening so they both stripped off and he entered her /hot/red-hot/">red hot clit stroking slowly to a point when he shot a wad of cum inside her she then let go also squirting juices over his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock.

He was great she said so she had to let him have another session with him sucking sexxxx video ful hd her /nipples/large-nipples/">large nipples a sure way to bring her off again. She said he was always available when ever she was in need. We have arranged to camp again this time I plan to share his girl also..